CALECIM® Professional

Created by Scientists, Trusted by Doctors.

The CALECIM® Professional skincare line is backed by an extensive body of science. Its pivotal technology is derived from Umbilical Cord Lining, a patented source of stem cells, from which powerful rejuvenating proteins are cultured. This potent complex, produced in a certified stem cell laboratory, is what makes up the active ingredient of all CALECIM® Professional products.


The World’s Only Skincare Powered by Cord Lining Stem Cells

Our patented source of stem cells secrete a powerful mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines (called Rejuvenating Conditioned Media) to help restore a healthy epidermal cell turnover.

Doctors recommend that CALECIM® Professional be used post-procedure to enhance recovery, as well as in a daily homecare regimen to rejuvenate skin.


“This is the first time that umbilical cord lining stem cells – or stem cells in general – are being truly utilised in a topical skincare to promote skin health.”

Prof. Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, double-board certified cosmetic dermatologist