mesoestetic offer a wide range of skin care and body care treatments that feature innovative ingredients and release systems, with home support products to maintain and continue care at home. All products are manufactured with the highest pharmaceutical quality and safety assurance and control standards, using significantly higher concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients than conventional cosmetics and exclusive formulas for maximum efficacy and benefit.

The range includes a wide selection of solutions for creating customised treatments, tailored to the needs of each patient. Specific protocols are provided to include the prevention and preparation phases, the specific treatment steps and the final follow-up and maintenance phase. Effectively target and improve specific facial skin conditions and body figure care, such as skin ageing, accumulation of melanin, acne-prone skin and cellulite.


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mesoestetic have the world’s leading professional brightening methods. They are the number 1 worldwide melasma and pigmentation treatment. Pigmentation is perceived as the third most important skin problem after wrinkles and sagging.

The cosmelan and dermamelan methods have proven efficacy tests which support any skin phototype and in all ethnicities. These ranges are used as a brightening method with a dual action, achieving short and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control. Thousands of professionals use cosmelan and dermamelan and recommend the treatments to their patients.



age element is mesoestetic’s next-generation, 100% personalised anti-ageing system based on the science of epigenetics. It is an integral solution that covers all essential stages of an anti-ageing treatment: from diagnosis to boosting results.

professional treatment

It allows the professional to design a 100% customised protocol from an exclusive diagnostic tool which adapts the protocol to each individual patient. It analyses the variables involved in the skin ageing process and defines the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

at home products

Formulated solutions to target all the signs of ageing independently and intensely, treating the loss of brightness and firmness as well as the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Cutting edge sun protection for all skin types. The new mesoprotech® technology provides complete protection from a broad solar spectrum. Innovative formulas combining UVA and UVB filters with biological filters to protect from oxidation. Textures suited to the needs of every skin type. Dermatologically tested.

Intensive rejuvenation treatment. Deeply renews the skin and stimulates its defence mechanisms to address skin ageing. Moisturises and help correct deep wrinkles while giving the skin a more luminous glow.

Comprehensive range of solutions and specific active substances in sterile ampoules for various use. Effective, versatile and safe products which guarantee a high level of results.

mesopeel is the most advanced, efficient range of chemical peels, designed to treat all phases of ageing, hyperpigmentation, couperosis, rosacea, stretch marks and other imperfections. An extensive range of mono substance and combined peels for creating tailor-made personalised treatments, session after session for a progressive results. mesopeel is the ideal tool for complementing and boosting other medical-aesthetic procedure such as depigmenting treatments, mesotherapy and phototherapy.

To achieve efficient, fast, convenient multifactorial control of acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin, mesoestetic presents acnelan. It offers a cross-cutting approach to address the numerous factors that trigger the disease, combining an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a home care treatment comprising a complete range of products.

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Acnelan After 1
Acnelan Before
Acnelan After

In order to maximise the results obtained at the clinic, mesoestetic has designed home performance, a cosmeceutical line for home care with high concentrations of active ingredients, produced according to rigorous safety and pharmaceutical control protocols. With home performance, the professional can recommend the most effective and safest home maintenance products to complement in clinic treatments.

In order to maximise the efficacy of professional treatments, mesoestetic has designed professional expertise, a cosmeceutical line of professional sized products with high concentrations of active ingredients, produced according to rigorous safety and pharmaceutical control protocols. professional expertise provides the professional with a full range of high-tech tools for pre- and post-treatment, formulated to ensure the greatest effectiveness and to minimise the risk of interactions with other active substances.

The ultimate remodelling body treatment for 6 specific areas: double chin, arms, breasts, legs, abdomen and flanks. Ultra concentrated active ingredients allow the new bodyshock line to address the most characteristic aesthetic conditions concerning the silhouette. bodyshock includes 100% personalised professional treatments and specialised home care products to boost results.