WiQo develops and creates revolutionary cosmeceuticals products and medical devices in their laboratories in Trieste, Italy and currently distributes to 40 countries around the world – from Japan to the United States.



WiQo is an expression of pioneering expertise and unique specialisation in aesthetic medicine.

WiQo products are the result of thirty-years of experience and of the most innovative research applied to health, wellbeing and beauty. Skin renewal is effectively stimulated by targeted treatments according to the specific needs of the skin.

Thanks to their knowledge, scientific research and constant innovation, WiQo creates, develops and distributes unique products born from revolutionary international patents.


WiQo ONE Lifting Programme

 A revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation

Introducing a state-of-the-art lifting and brightening programme that stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes like never before. The result is visibly firmer, brighter and smoother skin from the very first treatment.

This 3-step approach combines an exclusive, patent-pending formulation applied in-clinic with a complementary home care protocol to deliver immediate and progressive results with minimal downtime.

WiQo ONE is suitable for all ages and skin types and can be used year-round on both face and body.



  • Photodamaged, wrinkles, lax and dull skin
  • Loss of facial contour definition
  • Prevention of loss in elasticity



  • Helps improve the skin’s texture and tone providing an immediate lifting effect, which persists after 5 sessions.
  • Skin appears brighter and visibly smoother
  • Minimal discomfort and down time.
  • Can be used year round


The unique formulation renders the treatment non-aggressive on the epidermal layers, so no frosting is caused. Due to the efficacy in activating the skin’s own restorative processes, WiQo One is an ideal primer for other aesthetic medicine treatments. Used in combination with procedures such as mesotherapy, fillers, threads, physical stimulation devices, PRP, etc it acts in synergy, enhancing the results of the treatment.

The most recent approach to aesthetic medicine is combination of treatments. No single technique is a silver bullet to solve all the problems of a patient. The combination of chemical, physical or mechanical stimulation is often the best way to a global approach when achieving a natural look. The specific yet simple percutaneous absorption technique used for the WiQo One Lifting Programme provides visible immediate results and is particularly appreciated by patients who dislike needles.



The formula promotes a patent-pending, innovative interaction between homocysteic acid, ammonium trichloroacetate, in the presence of low concentration hydrogen peroxide.

Results After 3 Sessions